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Hi, Nova! How can I help you today?

Nova: I want to know the latest updates about OOOOO.

Sure! Here's the latest on OOOOO: Would you like to track this topic on a Briefing Page for ongoing updates and notifications?

Nova: Yes, I want to track this topic.

Great! The Briefing Page is created and all set to track OOOOO. You'll receive updates automatically. Let me know if there's anything else you need!

Dive Deeper with Goover’s Gen AI

into the topics through your favorite and trusted sources

  • The Briefings include user, peer group and AI-curated pages.

Each briefing page includes 'Ask Goover,' utilizing pre- selected and RAG documents sequentially

The widgets include summaries, reports, social updates, company info, key people, and discovery cards

Insight Reports

Experience the Al-generated reports with cutting-edge LLM.

Goover Mobile

Access knowledge anywhere, anytime


Stay Informed, Stay Engaged. Follow Your Passions with Goover.

Social Briefings

Spark Meaningful Discussions with Frontrunner Subscriptions.

Insight Reports

    Bookmark, share and export reports instantly

The most advanced AI-generated reports contain context-aware components

Ask Goover offers tailored answers specific to each report.

Helps users find diverse perspectives and relevant knowledge on the reports.

Key people and companies are automatically identified from the report and source documents.

Automated Reports on Hand: Timely Insights with Goover

Introducing Goover

Go over world-wide insights with Goover!

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